Jess, Lacey, and Crystal are incredibly knowledgeable, personal, and intentional. They teach the value of health in all aspects: body, mind, soul. Their positivity, encouragement, and consistent accountability set them apart from other fitness professionals. I leave our sessions feeling strong, refreshed, and grateful. Thank you girls for not only helping me reach my goals, but for transforming my self image!

-Katie Antunez

Crystal, Jess, and Lacey are absolutely amazing to work with. They really care about you like family! It would be worth anyone’s time and effort to work with them no matter what your goals may be. They’ve been the catalyst for me losing 75 pounds (and counting!).

– Peter Hardtke

I am an avid Sweat & Burns fan. During Covid, their classes have been a lifeline to some sense of normalcy for me.

They care about us, push us within the limits of our individual bodies while offering encouragement and guidance on form. The classes are constantly changing so that you are not doing the same exercises week after week, which in turn, keeps you challenged and motivated.

In 10 months, I have dropped 25 pounds. More importantly, I have increased strength, have greater flexibility, balance and stamina. I look and feel fit, all because of these women.

With Sweat & Burns, I am ALL in!

– Michele Spreen